Limb Restoration & Creative MiraclesBy Michael Krysty

I’d like to take some liberty to talk about two recent encounters that I have had. Most of what is written is an exhortation rather than a teaching, though I will give some key biblical principles at the end of this article in how to walk in limb restoration. The two encounters I had are connected in the way that one was the introduction and the other is the book. I first released this word durning a conference that I was a part of in Texas and there were many creative miracles. One woman began to hear and she didn't even have an ear drum. The Lord gave her a new one. This message was literally received and released in power. I have been completely challenged in the spirit through this revelation and instruction and believe it will be for you and your house as well. I believe there will be an incredible impartation for you during this article and season. Pray with me that the Lord would open your spirit to this end time anointing. He is raising men and women up to walk in the fullness of His son Jesus!

A Dream in the Night

In the winter of 2010 I had a dream in where I was checking out at a grocery store. I was buying fruit, bread, vegetables and milk. There was a young girl that was working and ringing me up and she look at me and said, “Hi, my name is Ashley and I’m an angel, I’ll be checking you out today but before I can you need to go pray for that man over there” (as she pointed to him). I looked to where she was pointing and I saw a man standing about 40 ft away to my right and he had only one leg; I stopped what I was doing and I went to pray for him. As I began to pray his leg instantly began to grow out into a full leg to match his other one. As this was happening it caused a gathering and everyone around stopped to come watch, and I got kick out of the grocery store and then woke up from this dream.

For sometime after that dream I began to look for this particular setting, girl named Ashley, and a man without a leg because I was sure that when I saw this, there was going to be an incredible healing of a limb that would be restored. Well, I never found exactly what I was looking for and into the dream book it went. Little did I know heaven was preparing me for a message and instruction for the season and time that the body of Christ was beginning to walk into. I honestly forgot about that dream about a month after I had it, yet it would soon be reminded to me as I was praying in my office about a year later.

The Ash Tree Clearing

In November of 2011, I was praying and seeking the Lord’s word for some upcoming services that I was a part of in Texas. As I began to pray I felt the Lord’s presence but it was like the Lord was really excited about something. The best way I know how to explain this feeling is from Revelation 3:20 in the NIV translation, “Here I am!” The Lord was outside of the door not just speaking that His presence was there, rather He was exclaiming it! He was excited to be there and wanted in and the Lord really loves to bring his tangible presence. He gets excited.

I felt a heavy presence and I knew the Lord wanted to come closer to me to give me something. So, I shut my eyes at my desk and leaned back in my chair and instantly I went into a vision.

Everything became dark and I saw a figure walk out of the darkness, It was a man. He called to me and said, “Michael, I’m Ashley, the angel in your dream at the grocery store.” I was taken back for a second and really received and interesting revelation about the angelic realm. The first time this angel came to me was in the form a girl, and now the second time a man. Yet, it kept the same name, Ashley. It’s interesting to me  because a name carries purpose and meaning and the angels purpose and message stayed the same, yet its form was transformed. This taught me that angels are neither male nor female rather they take on the form of so to carry out their work. Next, Ashley continued to say, “You and the church are moving into a season of the ash tree clearing.” Right after he spoke these words he vanished as if he was smoke and I came out of the vision.

I had no idea what that meant and have never heard of an ash tree clearing up to that point. I did a study on it and could not believe what I was finding.

The very name of the angel, Ashley, carried an interesting message itself which is, Ash= a kind of tree described for use in establishing culture; and, Lee = to be on the other side of, or to be on the protected side. It literally means the culture that is established after an ash tree clearing. It’s speaking about promise and the covenant we are coming into. So hear I have an angel named Ashley, which it speaks of a ash tree and is telling me about a coming ash tree clearing!

Yet, what was an ash tree clearing exactly? The ash tree clearing was simply an old english term for the cutting down of the ash tree which was used for many resources because of its strength and flexibility. The ash tree is great material for resources. Another interesting point is that the land that were made from the clearings were often turned into church yards. But, an ash tree clearing signifies renewal.

The third and probably the most important revelation that completely rocked me as I was studying name Ashley and the ash tree clearing was that it was common to name a son Ashley if the father lost a limb in war. So, if you saw a boy named Ashley you would know just by his name Ashley that his dad lost a limb in war. What Ashley culturally means is that “the limb has been fully restored in the son”.

I instantly thought of the dream I had in the grocery store when I prayed for the man with one leg and the lost leg grew back instantly. His limb was restored in the son, Jesus!

I knew what the message was, right when I received this information, and heard the Holy Spirit speak it as clear as day.

“The church is moving into a season of great resource and grace for limb restoration, which has been fully restored in the son!”

Sharing in Christ

When our Lord died, he completely died. When he tasted death, he tasted the whole thing, and he tasted it for you, I, and everyone.

Hebrews 4:13, “He tasted death for everyone.”

And also,

But, he was pierced through for our transgressions, he was crushed for our iniquities; the chastening for our well being fell upon him, and by his scourging we are healed. -Isaiah 53:5

His heart, his eyes, every muscle and bone. Every limb on his body. His arms, legs, fingers, even his every hair on his head DIED. So that your heart, your eyes, every muscle and bone, every limb on YOUR body, YOUR arms, legs, fingers, even every hair on YOUR head may LIVE!

By His scourging we are healed!

The greatest key to creative miracles and limb restoration is that the death and resurrection of Jesus has provided atonement with the Father, which brings healing.

We can be fully restored in the son! Out of the river of being one with God will come a great outpouring of His power.

A simple definition of atonement could be understood as this; to atone for is to bring two parties at one. When you bring the at one together you have atone. We have been made one with the Father through the sacrifice of Jesus; therefore, we can receive a son’s inheritance from the father, or even in a militant stance, divine weapons for warriors from the general.

The first miracle I ever saw in my life and ministry was a creative miracle. I was in a service and the pastor had a prayer request that he shared from the platform. The report from this pastor was not good,  a new born baby’s organs were abnormally out of her body and they were needing to do surgery soon or the baby would die. I felt the Holy Spirit burning in my spirit and I jump up to confess this baby’s healing because I heard straight from the Lord that she would be healed. I interrupted the pastor, took the mic, and said the Lord died for this one and she will be healed this week without surgery. Within a day all her organs miraculously went back inside her body without surgery. It was supernatural creative miracle!

But, I specifically remember clinging to the atonement and the work of Jesus for this baby’s healing. Oneness brought the glory.

Jesus prayed in John 17:22 for you, I, and every believer that we would be one even as he and the father were one. Yet, he tells us in this verse that he gave us his manifest glory that he had so that all this oneness could happen. The glory of God on someone will bring a revelation of atonement and oneness of being with the Father. Yet, the opposite is also true that oneness with the Father with bring a revelation of the glory that we have been given from Jesus. It is in the manifest glory that Jesus has given us that supplies one with the credentials for limb restoration.

Many people don’t understand the glory that they have been given from Jesus because they have no oneness with the father. The cross of Calvary is the only work that will bring you into atonement and oneness with the father. As we begin to come into this understanding of our position with the father by the cross we will begin to have a raw understanding of the glory that Jesus gives us. We Share in Christ.

Hebrews 3:14, “We have come to share in Christ...”

To be in Christ is an invitation to walk in the highest realm of heaven and rest from our works and come into the Father’s greater works, that is the true Sabbath. To come into full assurance of salvation and kingdom authority based solely upon the work of Jesus on the cross and tomb, which now allows me to perform greater works on the earth.

Jesus is a good big brother, He likes to share his toys– He loves to share His glory.

Jesus is a good brother, he like to give his body. His heart, his eyes, every muscle and bone. Every limb on his body. His arms, legs, fingers, even his every hair on his head DIED. So that your heart, your eyes, every muscle and bone, every limb on YOUR body, YOUR arms, legs, fingers, even every hair on YOUR head may LIVE!

My favorite creative miracle is the very resurrection of Jesus Christ itself. There were many things his body had to be healed of before his Spirit could come into his temple again. Do you remember how his heart was pierced and out flowed water! Incredible His body was actually healed!

I have started to look at limb restoration in this way. From the point of view of being in Christ. His limbs died, so ours can live. We Share in Christ.

We are moving into a season of the ash tree clearing and the body of Christ is receiving the resources that Jesus has released and is releasing, “the limb has been fully restored in the son”.